Czech Republic & Prague Info

Czech Republic

Area: 78,865 km2
Population: 10,330,000
Capital city: Prague
Official language Czech
Constitution: president - elected by bicameral parliament
Currency: 1 crown (CZK) = 100 hellers
Country identification mark CZ
Time Central Europian Time (GMT+1)


- temperate, four seasons, a mix of ocean and inland climate, changeable winters and warm summers
- average temperature: 9,7 °C 
- summer season - July 20 °C 
- winter season - January -2 °C

State and Public Holidays

1st January New Year´s Day Easter Monday
1st May May Day (Labour day)
8th May National day - Day of Liberation from Fascism, 1945
5th July National Day - Day of Slavic Missionaries Constantin and Methodius
6th July National Day - Master John Huss was burnt at the stake in Constance, 1415
28th September National Day - Day of the Czech State
28th October National Holiday - Foundation of Independent Czechoslovak State, 1918
17th October National Holiday - Day of the fight for freedom and democracy
24th December Christmas Eve
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Boxing Day


  • the capital of the Czech Republic
  • the largest city in the Czech Republic 
  • population: 1.220.000 of inhabitants 
  • location: central Bohemia on the banks of the Vltava River 
  • area: 498 sq. kilometres 
  • geographical situation: north latitude 50° 05', east longitude 14° 27', height above sea level 235 m (average)
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